Work It! Academy

An Innovative Multi-sensory Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Physical Education Enrichment Program for Children

Designed to enhance focus and creativity, strengthen stress resiliency, and promote healthy life habits, Work it Academy also fosters a lifelong love of science. We do this through a curriculum that includes robotics, mindfulness techniques, yoga, and parkour.

These activities are tightly integrated to create a program that is deeply engaging, self-reinforcing, and – most importantly – fun.

The Work it! Academy is a unique experience that can excite, challenge, and calm your child’s mind and body. Our courses offer experiences well beyond the typical run-of-the-mill babysitting, warehousing type programs in which piles of building blocks are dumped in front of children for them to mindlessly sift and wade through.

Robots and Yoga?!
Yup. That is in fact what we do, and more.

Although our programs are commonly referred to as or categorized in catalog listings as “a LEGO® class,” these courses are much more than just “a LEGO® class.” The Work it! Academy™ programs are thoughtfully designed to help children build up character, grit, and resiliency through a variety of fun mindbody activities. Interestingly enough, we have found that when you just ask children to build up their character, grit and resiliency (i.e., “Hey, can you build up your character, grit and resiliency?”) that this doesn’t really work.

What does seem to work is to embrace individual differences and meet each child at his or her ability to problem solve and to relax, then to help them to experience learning in new and exciting ways. LEGO® and yoga seemed like a good place to start to figure out how to do this, and we were right!

The Work it! Academy™ courses embrace individual differences on these essential abilities and engages children with comprehensive, teacher-led instruction involving hands-on learning experiences in STEM/robotics. Children can gain problem-solving skills through use of LEGO® and other technology materials and emotion regulation skills through yoga and other mindfulness activities. The synergy of these activities makes the Work it! Academy™ a unique and fun experience for children.

We also value ongoing professional development in mindfulness in STEM education so another key part of our mission is providing consultation and professional development services for school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and student mentors.

To learn more about our programs or inquire about supporting our mission, please reach out!